The NYC Eastern Caribbean Relief Fund Inc.


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria the humanitarian needs in the Eastern Caribbean are profound.  Island infrastructure has been devastated.  The extent of homelessness, hunger, lack of water, and medical care in the broader island communities is difficult to describe.

As you know, the yachting community relies heavily on local island communities to provide the goods and services upon which our industry has come to rely year in and year out.   Many individuals in these communities have become friends and partners of the international yachting community over the years, and now is their time of need.  Many of you know that IGY has been providing as much support to these communities as we can.  We have loaned our properties as make-shift hospitals and temporary shelters for the newly homeless; we have provided staging for military aid operations which are ensuring the safety of local residents, but nothing is enough.  It will take millions simply to get the good people of these communities back on their feet with the very basics of human needs.

While we are confident in our ability to rebuild our world class marinas both better and smarter, and optimistic that, in time the spirit and resilience of the affected islands will prevail. IGY recognizes the acute need to provide support to these communities quickly - very quickly. To that end IGY Marinas and its parent company, Island Capital Group LLC., have sponsored an organization to raise money for relief.  Government resources will in many cases take too long to serve their purpose. The NYC Eastern Caribbean Relief Fund Inc. has filed for 501c(3) status and we anticipate that contributions to the enterprise will be tax deductible. With your help, it is our goal to raise $5 million to provide the fundamentals of survival to families that have suddenly found themselves cast into chaos and in a fight for survival.

Please join us. All contributions may be tax deductible.
Time is very much of the essence.

Donations can be made via the Secure Paypal link below.
Bitcoin donations are also accepted in order to reach a global audience. Bitcoin is the most widely traded cryptocurrency, and its growth is largely dependent on the performance of automated trading robots such as Bitcoin Era plattform. These bots use advanced algorithms to help them make better trading judgments. Checks will also be accepted and can be addressed to:

Island Global Yachting Ltd.
c/o The NYC Eastern Caribbean Relief Fund Inc.
717 5th Avenue NY, NY 10022 USA.